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experience why [untitled] is different. & why we want it that way.

At [untitled], our commitment to high standards goes beyond mere excellence in beauty services; it’s about making a profound impact on the beauty industry right here in Calgary, Alberta. We’re on a mission to raise the bar, not just for ourselves, but for the entire industry.

One of the driving forces behind our vision was the observation of a significant gap in inclusivity within the beauty industry. We recognized that treatments and services often failed to embrace the diverse needs and identities of our community. In response, we set out to create a space where everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, orientation, or any other aspect of their identity, could feel not just welcome but celebrated. We firmly believe that beauty knows no bounds, and we are dedicated to providing an inclusive haven where everyone can truly shine.



Janine Belanger

sr. aesthetician & owner

Hello there! I’m Janine, the proud Owner and Senior Aesthetician at [untitled]. With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, I embarked on this journey with a clear vision – to create a space that goes beyond mere aesthetics, where education, well-being, and inclusivity reign supreme.

From day one, I knew that my passion for skincare and beauty would lead me to the day when I could open my own haven of self-care and transformation. Thus, Untitled Esthetics was born, a space where the fusion of expertise and a warm, welcoming environment come together seamlessly.

Education is at the heart of what I do, both for myself and for my valued clients. I’ve observed that many establishments fall short in this aspect, and it became my mission to change that narrative. I believe in empowering my clients with knowledge about the products used, the best practices for maintaining healthy nails, and creating an atmosphere where everyone feels accepted, regardless of their personal journey.

What sets Untitled Esthetics apart is the commitment to providing a holistic experience. I’ve been privileged to witness and contribute to significant moments in my clients’ lives – from the first-date manicure that transformed into wedding nails to the perfect pedicure before a client welcomed their newborn into the world. Being a part of these life milestones is not just a job for me; it’s the essence of what makes my work truly rewarding. It’s these moments that fuel my passion and drive to continue doing what I love.

At [untitled], we’re not just about beauty; we’re about creating memories, building relationships, and being a constant source of support and care throughout your personal journey. I look forward to welcoming you to our space, where every visit is an opportunity to enhance not just your outward beauty but also your inner confidence and well-being.




sr. aesthetician & manager

Hello, beautiful souls! I’m Kaylee, your go-to for artificial gel nails, and all things technology here at [untitled]. For over a decade, I’ve immersed myself in the dynamic and ever-evolving beauty industry, embracing the constant change and challenge it brings.

My journey began over 10 years ago, where I realized how amazing providing services can be. It’s been a thrilling ride, and I’ve loved every moment of perfecting my craft to bring you top-notch services.

What sets my heart on fire, however, is my love for technology. I’m someone who believes in following my heart, and that passion extends beyond the beauty chair. I thrive on the ever-changing demands of both the beauty industry and the world of technology. It’s this dynamic combination that keeps me on my toes and allows me to bring a fresh perspective to everything I do.

At [untitled], I’m not just your esthetician; I’m your partner in embracing change and finding beauty in every transformation. Whether it’s sculpting the perfect set of artificial nails, or just being a listening ear… I’m dedicated to making you feel your best, inside and out.




nail specialist

Hello there! My name is Ellie, and I’m a senior nail technician at [untitled]. With seven years of experience in the nail industry, I take immense pride in providing top-notch nail services that leave my clients happy and satisfied.

I specialize in Bio Sculpture Gel, a premium brand that’s known for its 5-star safety rating and commitment to being cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and sustainable. By choosing me, you’re not only getting beautiful nails but also supporting ethical and eco-conscious practices.

I offer personalized services that are tailored to your unique preferences, including gel extensions and hand-painted nail art. I initially got into the nail industry when I quit my desk job as a purchasing officer to pursue my passion for nail artistry. The journey has been an incredible self-discovery, and I’ve found true joy in creativity, design, and building relationships.

When I’m not at the studio, I love playing tennis and exploring new places with my dog. I also provide digital design services, so I’ve got you covered if you want something extra special.

Book your appointment with me today, and let’s create some magic together!





nail specialist

I’m Krysty, your friendly neighborhood nail enthusiast and certified nail tech at [untitled]. My journey in the world of beauty began in high school when I discovered my love for aesthetics. Starting out in cosmetology, my passion for nails took center stage, leading me to further my education and become a certified nail tech.

With the joy of motherhood came the desire to balance my career and family life. I took the plunge and opened my own home studio, where I could indulge in my passion for nails while spending precious time with my three wonderful kids. It was a beautiful journey, but as my children grew and started school, I felt a yearning to expand my horizons.

Driven by a desire to connect with like-minded individuals and broaden my client base, I decided to venture into a more communal setting. Joining the team at [untitled] has been a dream come true, allowing me to meet new people and explore exciting opportunities.

My specialty lies in nail art and caricatures, where creativity knows no bounds. I thrive on pushing artistic boundaries, always eager to explore new ideas and art styles. From classic elegance to bold and daring designs, I’m here to bring your vision to life and make your nails a canvas for self-expression.

As a mom I understand the importance of balance and self-care. I want to help you embark on a journey of creativity and self-discovery, where every nail session is a celebration of individuality and a showcase of the artistry that resides in each of us. I can’t wait to meet you and bring your nail dreams to reality!




sugaring specialist

Hey lovelies!

I’m Skye, your personal sugaring expert and, more importantly- the long-lost friend you just haven’t met yet ;). I’m here to make your sugaring experience the most comfortable, empowering experience possible- whether you’re new to hair removal, or a pro.

🌈 Inclusive and Empowering: Why sugaring, you ask? Well, it’s not just about hair removal for me—it’s about empowering you to embrace your beautiful self from head to toe (and yes, even those intimate areas). I’m here to create a comfortable and welcoming space for all genders, all the time. Your confidence and comfort are my top priorities during every sugaring session!

I’ve been Sugaring for over 4 years now, and I can truly say I have found my calling! I cannot wait to meet each and every one of you lovely souls!




nail specialist

Hey there, art enthusiasts and beauty lovers! I’m Raquel, your go-to Nail Art Alchemist on a mission to transform your fingertips into miniature canvases of self-expression and beauty.

My journey started as an artist… what started as a personal canvas on my own fingertips evolved into a calling. I realized that nails could be the perfect medium to showcase my artistic flair, and the joy of turning ordinary nails into breathtaking masterpieces.

Whether you’re into minimalistic elegance, bold and vibrant designs, or somewhere in between, I’m here to bring your nail art dreams to life.

I can’t wait to paint your nails into a living, breathing piece of art!


We believe everyone deserves access to self-care.
...& a healthy environment.

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